Could you help Kettering man who was born blind find work?

A Kettering man who has never let his blindness hold him back is hoping a firm will give him a chance and offer him a job.

Lewis by his computer
Lewis by his computer

Lewis Crack, 26, of Kettering was born blind but he has never let this stop him from doing anything.

After going to Woodnewton Primary School in Corby, his parents fought for him to remain in mainstream school and they managed to get him into Ise Community College, which is now known as Kettering Science Academy.

Lewis then went on to study at Tresham College and he is now in the final year of a masters degree in IT service management at the University of Northampton.

Lewis with the award he has just won

He had a job for about six months from October 2014 to March 2015, where he was an assistant IT technician at a firm in Kettering, but sadly the company was unable to continue with it.

As Lewis comes to the end of his masters degree, he is hoping another company will give him a chance.

He said: “Any business that takes me on will not be disappointed.

“If they give me that chance, even if it’s just a month’s trial, I will prove myself.

Lewis with the award he has just won

“It would be the best Christmas present for me ever to get a job.”

Lewis is computer literate from an intermediate to advanced level, including remote support and some website development, he can speak French and German, and says he has excellent communication skills either on the phone, email or face-to-face.

During his previous job, he provided IT support to business customers with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Azure by phone or email.

Lewis said: “I want it a lot.

“Ever since my previous job, it’s not been the same.”

Lewis’ dad Philip said he has just two more goals he wants to achieve in life - to help Lewis find a job and for him to live independently.

Philip said Lewis would be able to get to and from work by himself, especially as he has flown to Ireland by himself several times, and added: “Because he can do his study at night, he could pretty much start now.”

Mum Sharon said Lewis has ‘fantastic mapping skills’ to get around, and said: “He doesn’t need treating differently, just give him a chance and see for yourself.”
She said nothing has ever stood in Lewis’ way, and when it comes to the job, she said: “It’s just something else that we will have to overcome.”

Lewis was given a glowing reference from his last job, including a personal note from the firm’s managing director.

It said: “From the moment I met Lewis, I knew he was an incredibly intelligent and dedicated young man.

“Having employed and worked alongside a plethora of individuals in my life, the few that stand out are those who possess a passion for their craft and an attitude that allows them to achieve excellence.

“Lewis has these in spades, his loyalty and drive to learn, his desire to better himself and his company are what makes him an asset to any organisation.”

And Lewis has just been named a winner at the IT Service Management Awards 2016, which are run by itSMF UK.

Lewis won in the young ITSM professional of the year category, which goes to an individual under the age of 30 who has demonstrated an outstanding level of achievement, ability, team support, rapid progress or business impact in the early years of their ITSM career, and who also promises great potential for future success.

If you think you can offer Lewis a job, call him on 07974 039878 during the day, 01536 502565 during the evening or email [email protected]