Corby woodland given overhaul

Tree surgeons are investigating the health of 43 trees in the heart of Corby's treasured woodland.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 19th July 2018, 11:01 am
Updated Thursday, 19th July 2018, 11:13 am
Kingswood. File picture.
Kingswood. File picture.

An arboriocultural report has highlighted the trees in Kingswood Local Nature Reserve that need further attention following a Corby Council decision to check all the trees in Corby’s woodlands.

Wilby Tree Surgeons are currently carrying out necessary works on trees, which have been categorised into two priorities. Priority One requires urgent action and includes 43 trees identified as being in need of removal, remedial works or requiring picus testing to determine the health of the tree.

Of the 43 trees, 9 of those trees require a picus test and only one tree is of a mature age. A picus test is a testing procedure is undertaken by an arborist with training and experience. The picus sonic tomograph is a system that measures the speed of sound travelling across timber therefore testing the integrity of the tree.

Priority two means the tree requires further work which will be completed by March 2019.

Corby Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment Cllr Mark Pengelly said: “As trees age, there comes a time when they could pose as a risk to residents which is why reports of this nature are carried out. Corby Borough Council takes pride in its woodlands and where possible will always do everything they can to keep trees where they are. However, sadly, where trees are dead, dying or dangerous they do need to be removed for the safety of residents.”