Corby boating lake crash: live from the scene

Two people have been taken to hospital

Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 12:29 pm
The car in the lake. Image: JPI Media

A car has plunged into Corby boating lake this morning, leaving two people trapped inside their car in the lake.

Our reporter Kate Cronin was on the scene as the pair were rescued. Here’s what she saw.

“The car, a silver Mitsubishi, has come off the Cottingham Road roundabout and through the temporary fence that was put up around the recent tree felling. It’s come down the bank, over the path then into the water.

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The air ambulance before it took off. Image: JPI Media

”These were huge trees that are still lying on the bank and may have made for a softer landing for the car. If the car had hit one of those trees while it was still standing then the impact would have been huge.

”This is an area filled with families and local people meeting up at the new park or to have a stroll and because it was such a sunny day it was very busy. Miraculously, no other people were injured.

”Members of the public went into the water to help but the people were trapped in the car.

”When I arrived at 11am the emergency services were in the middle of extricating the casualties, a man and a woman, from the vehicle which is upside down in the lake.

Cottingham Road remains closed. Image: JPI Media

”Thankfully the water there isn’t very deep so their heads weren’t under the water. It took quite some time for them to be rescued because of the position of the car so it’s merciful that the water is shallow.

”An air ambulance that had landed on the field has taken off empty and both casualties have been taken to KGH by road ambulance.

“Large crowds had gathered but have now dispersed although there is still an emergency services presence on the scene here.

”There are now worries over contamination in the water from the fuel in the vehicle.

”Cottingham Road is still closed at the boating lake roundabout although the Urgent Care Centre can still be reached from the other end.”