Concerns raised as clearance work for Wellingborough housing development takes place

Clearance work at the site of a major new housing development is due to be completed this week.

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 5:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:57 am
The image included with the letter sent out to residents

Work for the Wellingborough North scheme, which will be known as Glenvale Park, started in early February and is due to be completed by today (March 3).

However, the work along Niort Way has led to concerns, including loss of trees, impact on wildlife there and loss of privacy for people living nearby, particularly in Ashton Grove.

One person who raised concerns online said: “Having driven down Niort Way it was devastating to see the amount of trees that have been torn down.

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The work has been taking place along Niort Way in Wellingborough

“It’s heartbreaking.

“I know we need more housing but to destroy that amount and the wildlife contained within, is it really justified?

“We are constantly being advised that wildlife is disappearing and then this happens.

“I wonder what will be left for my grandchildren to enjoy.”

The work has been taking place along Niort Way in Wellingborough

Another said: “Problem with growth is, where do you grow to?

“There has to be a limit, otherwise, eventually, there will be little or no countryside left and Northamptonshire will no longer be an attractive county to reside in.

“This may be a long way off but our grandchildren or great-grandchildren would have to endure a vastly inferior environment.”

The Northants Telegraph asked Wellingborough Council for a comment on the work and we were sent a copy of a letter addressed to residents and signed by David Collin, senior project manager for Dawnus Construction Holdings Ltd.

The letter, dated January 27, said: “Site clearance work is to begin on Glenvale Park (the North Wellingborough development site) which will include works adjacent to Niort Way between Gleneagles Drive and the junction with Harrowden Road.

“The work scheduled involves removing ground cover vegetation, tree and shrub clearance works in advance of construction work on the new road allignments within the main development and the new junctions and associated widening of Niort Way.

“This clearance work will begin on the main development site accessed to the north of Niort Way.

“This work has no requirement for temporary traffic control on Niort Way.

“It will be followed by clearance to the south side road embankment in the immediate vicinity of the junction with Gleneagles Drive.

“This work on the south side embankment will require us to install some weekday lane closures during off-peak times (09.30 - 15.30 hours) under temporary signal control.

“Traffic levels will be continually monitored while the lane closures are in place and action will be taken to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.”

The Northants Telegraph also contacted Dawnus and Midtown Capital, the property development firm behind the scheme, but has yet to hear back from either.

Glenvale Park is set to have up to 3,000 new homes along with community facilities and commercial space over three phases.