The Coca-Cola truck isn’t coming but Cadbury might bring festive cheer to Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire may have been snubbed by the Christmas Coca-Cola truck this year but Cadbury might be on hand to bring some seasonal cheer to the county.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 11th November 2015, 2:12 pm
An aerial view of the Cadbury trucks in formation
An aerial view of the Cadbury trucks in formation

The chocolate maker is getting in on the Christmas lorry act as they launch their new Christmas campaign hot on the heels of John Lewis and Coca-Cola.

The new ad from the makers of Dairy Milk is looking to cement itself as one of the most loved adverts this Christmas and compete alongside some of the other big campaigns of the year.

The ad, which hit screens over the weekend, is directed by David Lodge and features an advent calendar formed from 24 Cadbury purple trucks, where every truck represents a different door of the advent calendar.

In a twist Cadbury hopes to excite chocolate lovers across the country, with the fleet of treating trucks visiting a different location across the UK every day in December for the ultimate Christmas countdown.

Those locations are being kept a closely guarded secret, though, with the firm aiming to turn up in any given town unannounced for the ultimate surprise unlike Coca-Cola which has revealed the locations it will visit - the nearest being Peterborough and Leicester.

The Cadbury advert, set to the Thunderbirds theme, could be the perfect antidote for anyone who finds the John Lewis commercial a little too much.