Campaign to stop traffic using Corby street gathers pace

A campaign to stop motorists illegally using a main street in Corby is gaining momentum.

Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 5:30 am
George Street in Corby. Traffic restrictions. NNL-160403-155507001

Last week a front-page Northants Telegraph investigation found more than 270 drivers each hour were using George Street – which is closed to all vehicles apart from taxis, buses and those using it for access.

Pedestrians said they were concerned for their safety while using the crossing and taxi drivers complained that other road users were clogging up the street and making it dangerous for them.

Corby councillor Jean Addison appealed for road users and stakeholders to come forward to give their opinions on the problem after trying for years to find a solution.

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She said: “I’ve had quite a few emails about it and I’ve spoken to Cllr Bob Scott at the county council and he is keen to get it sorted.”

Hundreds of people responded to our story on social media.

Many people said there should be more enforcement on the road.

Rachel Hume said: “We had crossed from McDonald’s across towards Prezzo.

“There was me, my husband, our four-year-old and baby (in buggy) along with another lady with two children.

“We were in the middle of the crossing and the car going from Primark towards the job centre, who had originally stopped to allow us to cross, then decided he’d waited enough and started driving towards us whilst we were physically in front of his vehicle!

“He hadn’t been anywhere for “access” and was purely using it to cut through.

“Disgusting behaviour and certainly not long before someone is seriously injured!”

Donna Hewett-Collins said: “It’s ridiculous the amount of people that use that road, signs are clearly displayed.

“It’s not a massive detour to go round the town.”

And Corby councillor Matt Reay said: “I don’t think closing the road would reduce the number of visitors to Corby Town Centre of our new facilities, if it was done properly.

“For example, if the road was closed between La Fonte Restaurant and Cardigan Way, it would mean a safer zone for pedestrians while vehicles would still have access to Everest Lane and the back of Iceland.

“The amount of cars that violate the restrictions on the road is ridiculous and I think Cllr Addison is right – it’s an accident waiting to happen. I support this.”

There were also many people in favour of opening up the road to through-traffic.

Stacy Adams said: “It hasn’t always just been a pedestrian area.

“Why now? For years cars and pedestrians both used it. Pedestrians are just as bad for not paying attention as the motorists are.

“I’m a driver and the detour is a pain because you have to go towards the Texaco roundabout.”

If you would like to add your thoughts to the campaign, please email [email protected].