Bard for Polish people

A Kettering theatre company is assembling a cast for a foreign-language play aimed at increasing engagement with the town's Polish community.

C&D Productions was formed almost two years ago and since then has produced 15 plays.

The latest project – for which they are hoping to get together a Polish cast, was an idea of one of the group’s co-founders, Chris Lynch.

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He said: “It was an idea I came up with during one of our rehearsals and began talking to the group about.

Kettering has a large Polish community and we are aiming to do something to better engage with them to do something creative.”

The play which will be performed has not yet been decided but the group is hoping to stage it in May or June this year with Chris and a Polish speaker taking on the directorial duties.

Chris added: “We have got a couple of Polish performers in the group already.

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“I spoke to them and they said they would know other people who would want to take part in something like this, but we also want to spread the word further afield and get more people involved.”

Group member Aleksandra Jasinska, who is Polish, said: “Polish are a very creative nation and they need to express themselves on many different levels. The idea of the Polish theatre being created locally is great because they can meet more talented people and try other kinds of art, whilst giving a voice to those involved.”

A meet-greet event is being hosted on Sunday, March 6, at Carey Memorial Baptist Church, King Street (on corner of Nelson St) in Kettering between 4 and 5pm. Anyone interested is encouraged to come along, email [email protected] or visit

C&D’s next production in March is called Pronoun. It is about a young female to male transgender man and the effect his experience has on relationships and family.

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