Appeal for food waste to be left out after rise in reports of missed collections in East Northants

The recycling trucks which were burnt out in East NorthantsThe recycling trucks which were burnt out in East Northants
The recycling trucks which were burnt out in East Northants
Residents are being asked to leave their food waste out even if their recycling or rubbish has been collected after a rise in reports of missed collections.

The appeal has been made by East Northamptonshire Council after it has been receiving twice as many calls about missed collections of food waste.

The rise in complaints started at the same time as changes were made to the routes taken by Kier, which is contracted to collect food waste and recycling, following a fire at its depot destroyed the council’s fleet of waste trucks last July.

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Kier organised replacement vehicles, although the alternative vehicles mean the food waste has to be collected by a separate vehicle to the normal recycling.

The authority believes the rise in complaints of missed food waste collections is due to residents taking the green caddy back in when the recycling bin has been emptied, although it needs to be left out for a later collection.

They used to be collected at the same time which the council believes has led to the confusion.

A spokesman for East Northants Council said: “We are having to use different fleets after the fire.

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“All due credit to Kier because within hours of that fire they had sourced other vehicles and were back out on the road and it was business as usual.

“We are collecting food waste separately and it is being recycled in the way it has always been.

“But the routes have changed so we are asking people to be patient.”

The spokesman said people should leave their food waste caddies out and to wait until 3pm before reporting it as a missed collection.

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They are also asking people who have reported a missed collection to leave the food caddy out so when the truck returns to collect it, it is still on the kerbside to be collected.

The spokesman added: “When they are reported as missing, we are getting round there as soon as possible but the food waste has been taken back in so we can’t collect it.

“We want to remind people to have their bins out by 7am but if your bin hasn’t been emptied to leave it out and don’t report it until 3pm.”

Food waste is collected weekly, while recycling and rubbish is collected on alternate weeks.

Any missed food waste collections can be reported by calling 01832 742000 or by reporting it online.

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