Review - Derren Brown Miracle at Milton Keynes Theatre

It is slightly tricky to review a show without revealing at least a small amount of detail within the show.

Derren Brown - Miracle
Derren Brown - Miracle

However we were asked by both Derren Brown himself and the theatre to not reveal anything about the illusionist’s latest show at Milton Keynes Theatre.

What I can talk about is that some of the set pieces are genuinely jaw dropping and somewhat difficult to wrap your head around.

I can also mention that the atmosphere and the design of the stage is superbly done throughout.

I’m personally not comfortable with illusionists although I know that I am in the minority. If you like seeing Derren on TV, then his live shows throw in that extra element of risk and one which the majority enjoyed. Even if it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Review by Steve Mills

Derren Brown’s Miracle is performed at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday.

For tickets call 0844 871 7652 or visit for more details.