Thrapston tops Muddy Stilettos’ reader vote of best places to live in Northamptonshire

The lifestyle site asked its readers across 25 counties to choose the best places to live outside of London during lockdown.

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 4:48 pm

Women’s lifestyle website, Muddy Stilettos, carried out a poll with over 21,000 readers to determine which of 200 selected locations are the best places to live in the country.

The initial 200 locations were selected from Muddy Stilettos’ ‘Top 200 Places to Live Guide’ and consisted of market towns, villages, hamlets and other various commuter favourites. Over 21,000 readers across 25 counties were then given ‘the power of the click’ to determine which was the best place to live outside of London.

Thrapston topped the poll of eight potential candidates in Northamptonshire

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Thrapston was voted the best place to live in Northamptonshire on Muddy Stilettos' poll.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Muddy Stilettos, Hero Brown, said: “When people move out of London they are searching for more than just a house, they want to find a new lifestyle that works for them. This exclusive reader vote will give them a fresh perspective to make their search easier.

“It’s hard to be confident on whether a location is the right place for you, but we’ve built our reputation on having first-hand knowledge on the coolest place to go and things to do in the countryside.

“This Reader vote now gives a truly independent view on living during a year of Lockdowns in many towns and villages with popular postcodes, schools, restaurants and more.”

The poll took place between January 19 and February 12 and divulged the strength of readers’ passion for each location’s sense of community, quality of local facilities and immediate surroundings. Decisions took into account knowledge of best postcodes, shopping, schools, restaurants and bars as well as commuting journeys.

Thrapston’s popularity stems from its charming location set beside the River Nene and surrounded by rolling fields with pretty stone cottages, and smart Georgian buildings with the average price being around £261,477. This makes for a fairly budget-friendly option, whilst there are some spectacular properties to be found in the area with a more robust budget.

Thrapston has a bustling community and plenty of great schools on its doorstep along with good road links that make for an easy commute to Cambridge.

Towcester was voted the second most popular place to live in Northamptonshire - followed by Earls Barton, Oundle, Brackley, Long Buckby, Finedon and Middleton Cheney.