Take a look behind the scenes of Wellingborough's quirkiest house

The extraordinary home is in a very traditional terraced street

A retired employment lawyer with time on his hands during lockdown has transformed the front and back gardens of his Wellingborough home in his own unique and quirky way.

Tom Newton, using a style he describes as upcycling industrial artefacts, the Victorian terrace house in College Street now stands out from the neighbouring dwellings.

The Northants Telegraph took a look round.

The foregarden, surrounded by a wobbly wall and dotted with wildflowers, is matched by a striking and surreal bendy grandfather 'wonky clock' complete with working dial.

Mr Newton said: "I spent my time mucking about making bizarre things. The clock is made of timber and painted to look rusty.

"I like getting things from reclamation yards or pick things up from the side of the road. When somebody drives into a road sign and it's left there, I pick it up.

"It's all about rustiness and upcycling industrial artefacts. People come past and say the wonky clock reminds them of the Alice in Wonderland film."

Metal containers that once contained nuts and bolts are now used as raised flower beds with drain pipe off-cuts becoming plant pots.

In the back garden, salvaged corrugated metal panels cover the traditional brick and wooden that also features a fireplace and mantelpiece.

Mr Newton added: "The fireplace wouldn't fit in the house so I put it up outside. People give me things that they find and I've just used my imagination.

"I'm planning to paint the wall next and populate it with wildflowers."

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