Find out below what Northamptonshire's favourite dog breeds are, according to our readers!

What are Northamptonshire's favourite eight dog breeds?

We asked our readers about their favourite dog breeds and we have tallied up our responses to find out the county's favourite canine companions

By Megan Hillery
Wednesday, 18th August 2021, 9:13 pm

We posed one of the most difficult questions to our readers in a recent Facebook post and asked them to name their favourite dog breed.

Tricky question, I know! Commonly referred to as 'man's best friend', dogs are a wholesome part of many people's lives - fiercely loyal, playful and always happy to see you, what is not to love about them? Cat people, don't answer that.

In fact, Northamptonshire' s pet owners love dogs so much that a huge chunk of the responses were that they did not care what the breed was, as long as they are rescue dogs.

We published an article this week about dogs at Animals In Need Northamptonshire, who are currently looking for their forever home.After tallying up all 323 responses we received, we can now reveal to you Northamptonshire's eight favourite dog breeds according to our readers:

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