Take a look at these adorable babies, who will be experiencing their first ever Christmas this year.

21 pictures of adorable babies experiencing their first ever Christmas in Northamptonshire 2021

These cute photographs will melt your heart

We might not remember our first ever Christmas but it is a memory that parents will treasure forever and they will take great joy in showing their sons and daughters all the pictures and home videos when they are older - we've all been there.

Introducing your baby to Christmas is a beautiful thing. You think of all the stories and tricks your parents did to bring the magic alive when you were young and now you have the chance to do the same for your own children - watching their little faces light up when they see that Santa took a bite out of the mince pie they left out for him and snowy talcum powder footprints leading to the Christmas tree with an abundance of beautifully wrapped presents under it.

Many parents across Northamptonshire have experienced the joy this year after welcoming their small miracles into the world this year.

We asked them to send in pictures of their babies who are experiencing their first ever Christmas this year. It was so hard to narrow down the photographs because hundreds were sent in and they all look adorable in their festive outfits.

Take a look at some of those sent in...

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