Help plant more than 100 trees in Northamptonshire this week for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

A Brixworth coffee shop owner has been planting hundreds of trees across the county over the last year and he wants to encourage more residents to grab their spades and join in

By Megan Hillery
Thursday, 27th January 2022, 1:07 pm

The founder of a Brixworth coffee shop is planting more than 100 new trees in Northamptonshire this week to commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Owner of Brixworth-based Orange and Black Coffee Co, Iain Welters, is planting an avenue of more then 100 oak, beech and blackthorn trees on Sunday, January 30 in Brixworth Country Park.

The new avenue of trees overlooking Pitsford Reservoir will be named 'The Queen's Royal Jubilee Avenue' to support the Queen's Green Canopy (CGC) initiative.Iain said: "As we all recoil and reflect on the effects of Covid-19 from the last two years, some have been lucky and some not so, but I have been determined from the beginning that we learn and make small active and sustainable changes for our health and the environment to help put a bit back routinely as part of our daily default setting.

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Iain Welters with his dog, Mabel.

"We hope you enjoy a couple of hours of time in our stunning Northamptonshire countryside even if just for a few moments to just get one tree in. Many small changes making a big difference."

The avenue was initially going to be planted last month on Sunday, December 19 but it had to be postponed because of a positive Covid test.

The avenue will now be planted this Sunday (January 30) along with even more trees as part of Iain's regular tree-planting programme that has seen over 560 indigenous hardwood trees planted across the county since November 2020.

Iain, who grew up on a farm in Scotland and has worked as an architectural designer, has helped to plant hundreds of native beech, birch, rowan and maple trees at Brixworth Country Park with the help of volunteers, park rangers and donations from the local community.

Iain Welters is ready to plant more trees at Brixworth Country Park.

Over the last year, Iain's initiative has gained momentum with people donating land for him to plant trees on, a growing number of regular volunteers who come along and help as well as businesses and social media influencers offering to plant a tree with every purchase of their product.

Iain's daughter, who gives psychic readings, plants a tree for every reading she gives.

The tree planting initiative even offers to plant trees for loved ones, who have passed away. The trees can be tagged and then a photo will be taken of them, which will then be uploaded to the Orange and Black Coffee Co website.

Residents, who want to join Iain's latest planting session is asked to meet at Brixworth Country Park's main car park at 12pm on Sunday, January 30.

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