Visiting restrictions at KGH will stay in place to ‘keep people safe’

The NHS has told hospitals they can change restrictions if they want

By Kate Cronin
Saturday, 6th June 2020, 9:45 am
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A suspension on visitors at KGH will continue to protect staff and patients from the spread of Covid-19.

NHS England told hospital trusts at the beginning of the outbreak to suspend all visits expect in a set of strict circumstances including for those in labour and for the parents of sick children.

Now the organisation has allowed hospital trusts to make their own arrangements.

But KGH, which has been hit hard by Covid-19 and is still caring for a high number of inpatients who have tested positive for the virus, says that the restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

A statement said: “At KGH we are continuing with current restrictions as we believe this helps to keep our patients and staff safe and reduces the risk of cross infection.“

No visitors are allowed in any area of the hospital apart from:

Maternity – one birth partner allowed on labour ward. No visiting to post and antenantal wards.

Neonatal ward – mother only between 9am and 5 pm.

Paediatrics – one parent/guardian only. Strictly no siblings.

Patients at the end of life – in the upsetting and difficult circumstances where patients may be at the end of their life, the decision for visiting will be down to the nurse in charge.

Emergency department – one other person only if needed.

Outpatients - try to attend appointment alone. Patients needing support are permitted to being along one carer only.

Maternity scans and ante-natal appointments - patients must be unaccompanied..

On arrival to Or departure from any ward or department, all visitors should wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds at least or use the hand sanitiser provided.

The government last night announced that, from June 15, all staff, patients and visitors should wear face coverings.

The hospital has also put in place a scheme so people can speak to their loved-ones including virtual visiting and the chance to send letters or emails to relatives or friends. More information on these schemes is available here.