Inspirational quadruplets follow mum's footsteps and join NHS - with one taking KGH job

Aneesha Mathew and her three sisters have all decided to work in the National Health Service

Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 5:11 pm
Left to right: Aneetta, Anjel, Aleena and Aneesha

You can get incredibly long odds on the chances of having quadruplets, let alone all of them working in the same trade.

But that's exactly what the Mathew sisters have done - with all four of them following in their mum's footsteps and joining the National Health Service.

Aneesha, Aneetta, Angel and Aleena have made national headlines with their inspirational story of a family dedicated to supporting patient care.

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The quadruplets with their mum.

The 21-year-olds all joined the NHS after seeing how much their mum Joby Shibu Mathew, a nurse in the oncology department at Ipswich Hospital, enjoyed her job.

And Aneesha is starting her career at Kettering General Hospital as a physiotherapist after training at the University of East Anglia.

She is already donning full PPE and working in intensive care supporting patients.

Aneesha chose to work at KGH because of its programme for new graduates - and it is the first time she has been separated from her sisters.

She said: “When my mum completed her degree it was a huge inspiration for us all. We saw how hard she worked and why she loved it.

“Working in the NHS is challenging but that feeling your skills are making a difference to people is really rewarding.

“It is funny my sisters and I have all gone into the NHS but I think we often try to be different and seem to end up choosing the same sort of thing.

“I arrived at KGH three weeks ago and I am really enjoying putting my physiotherapy skills into practice.

“My first placement is in intensive care and the respiratory wards. That means I need to put on full PPE to help patients who are often on the unit for extended periods to maintain their mobility to help them breathe and recover."

Aneesha’s manager, interim deputy director of allied health professionals and head of therapies Melanie Paragreen, said: “We are delighted to welcome Aneesha to KGH. She is a really lovely and enthusiastic member of our physiotherapy team.

“She is already supporting patients in ICU, which is one of the more complex physiotherapy roles, and involves supporting patients to breathe effectively by assisting them to clear their lungs.

“It’s wonderful to see how her and her sisters have all decided to join the NHS and support patients."

Aneesha's sisters now all work at the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge as nurses after completing their studies at the University of Suffolk, where their mum was also a student.