World Mental Health Day: Where you can get mental health support 24/7

Anyone in Northamptonshire can call the mental health support number at any time.Anyone in Northamptonshire can call the mental health support number at any time.
Anyone in Northamptonshire can call the mental health support number at any time.
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation partnered with mental health charity, Mind, to launch a mental health support number for Northamptonshire residents.

Anyone in Northamptonshire can receive mental health support by calling one number at any time - 0800 448 0828.

World Mental Health day on 10 October is fast approaching but it must not be forgotten that hundreds of thousands of people in the UK struggle with their mental health all year round, day and night.

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This year has been particularly tough for a number of reasons, which is why it was very well received when the Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation (NHFT) teamed up with the mental health charity, Mind, to launch a support number for those struggling with mental health in April 2020. Over 16,000 calls have been made to that number since its launch.

Trained mental health workers provide immediate support for those in a crisis, advice on helpful services and support for people affected by COVID-19 whether that is because of isolation, financial difficulty or worry and stress.

Director of mental health at NHFT, Anne Rackham, said: ““NHFT has an established working partnership with Mind – we work together to provide out-of-hours Crisis Cafes available across the county throughout the week. The mental health number was a natural progression of our collaboration and commitment to making mental health services simpler to access.

The mental health support number provides one point of contact for anyone who needs to access mental health support in Northamptonshire. It works with health colleagues from the ambulance services and NHS 111 to ensure individuals receive the right support.

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When someone calls, a trained member of staff will find the right support for them whether it is from the NHS, the voluntary and community sector or advice over the phone.

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to anyone in Northamptonshire.

Anyone receiving treatment from NHFT can use the number as an alternative way to contact the service already supporting them or use it to speak to someone out of hours.

The number, again, is 0800 448 0828.

Visit for more information.

NHFT delivers a range of physical and mental health services that are designed to meet the needs of Northamptonshire residents and beyond. The services are delivered within the patients’ homes, through GP practices, clinics, schools,prisons and in residential and hospital environments.