Seventy per cent of KGH Covid patients are unvaccinated

The figure was revealed in Parliament yesterday

By Sam Wildman
Thursday, 20th January 2022, 4:56 pm

Almost three-quarters of Covid patients currently in Kettering General Hospital have not been vaccinated against the virus.

The figure was revealed by the town's Conservative MP Philip Hollobone in Parliament yesterday (Wednesday), after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the scrapping of Covid restrictions.

Mr Hollobone said many of those being treated at KGH had made the 'wrong choice' by not taking up the offer of a jab. And he urged the Government to make it clear that the vast majority of those in hospital were not vaccinated in a bid to increase take-up of the vaccine.

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Kettering General Hospital.

Speaking to Mr Johnson in the House of Commons, he said: "At the present time, 70 per cent of those in Kettering General Hospital with Covid are unvaccinated and the vast majority of those could have had the vaccine but made the wrong choice in not doing so.

"May I urge the Prime Minister, when the daily hospitalisation cases are published, to emphasise the fact that the vast majority are unvaccinated, as an incentive to get more boosters done?"

In reply, Mr Johnson said the Kettering MP was 'spot on'.

He said: "He is absolutely right in what he says. I have tried to draw repeated attention, in what I have been saying, to the sad fact that 90 per cent of people in ICU have had no booster and 66 per cent of people are unvaccinated.

"Omicron is not a mild disease for everyone and it can be particularly nasty if you are not vaccinated."

Figures published by the Government showed that, as of Tuesday (January 18), KGH was treating 59 Covid patients with with five patients in ventilation beds.

Mr Hollobone's 70 per cent figure would equate to about 41 unvaccinated patients and 18 partially or fully-vaccinated patients at the Rothwell Road hospital.

Covid case figures for Northamptonshire announced on Wednesday (January 19) showed more than 1,600 positive tests in the latest 24-hour period, compared to 968 announced on Sunday (January 16). Daily cases had dropped to under 1,000 from a peak of 2,267 on January 5.

NHS England confirmed three Covid deaths at KGH today (January 20). All three deaths took place on January 18.

In Kettering a total of 83.7 per cent of those aged 12 and above have had a first Covid vaccine dose. Figures show 77.7 per cent have also had a second dose, but just 60.2 per cent have had a third dose/booster.