Number of new Covid-19 cases in Northampton DOUBLES to 86 in a week

Thursday's figures shows biggest one-day rise in the town since Greencore outbreak
Northamptonshire's Public Health Director Lucy WightmanNorthamptonshire's Public Health Director Lucy Wightman
Northamptonshire's Public Health Director Lucy Wightman

Northampton saw its largest single-day rise in new Covid-19 cases since the Greencore outbreak.

Government figures released at 4pm on Thursday showed 22 new positive tests in 24 hours.

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That is the highest number on any day since August 22 when the sandwich making factory's second round of testing was in full swing.

The town has now seen 86 new cases reported in a week compared to 43 in the previous seven days up to September 3.

Follow Friday's latest County Council media briefing on the Covid-19 situation HERE from 3pm.

Local authority officials will hold their weekly media briefing on Friday afternoon at which it is hoped they will expand on the current situation in the town. Surveillance reports published by the County Council usually include data up to the previous Friday, however, so will not include the most recent figures.

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Borough Council leader Jonathan Nunn last week warned: "I can only express personal overwhelming relief that seeing some impact on the figures in Northampton but complacency remains biggest enemy."

Last Friday's briefing revealed authorities were dealing with two outbreaks in the town and another six across the county involving a total of 320 cases.

Public Health Director Lucy Wightman said the figures included the “tail end of data coming out of Northampton statistics” but health officials have so far not gone into any greater detail.

Other hot topics will be enforcing new restrictions on gatherings of more than six people announced by Boris Johnson on Wednesday.

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The Prime Minister also revealed plans for local authority marshals to monitor compliance.

He said: "We will boost the enforcement capacity of local authorities by introducing Covid Secure Marshalls to help ensure social distancing in town and city centres."

The marshals will be recruited by councils to step up enforcement, patrolling town centres, parks, shopping centres and train stations issuing advice and encouraging groups to break up.

The PM warned they will also check up on pubs and restaurants to make sure social distancing rules are being followed.

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Across Northamptonshire, there were 38 new cases reported yesterday including five in Kettering and four in Corby. Both towns were listed as areas of concern by Public Health England following sharp rises in infection rates.

More cases were reported in Wellingborough, Daventry, East Northamptonshire and South Northamptonshire.