#NorthantsTogether campaign launched

Following the hashtag will keep residents up to date with vital Covid-19 information aswell as keeping abreast of what's happening across the county.

By Sarah Ward
Friday, 3rd April 2020, 1:03 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd April 2020, 1:04 pm
The hashtag has been created so people can keep up to date with what's going on across the county.
The hashtag has been created so people can keep up to date with what's going on across the county.

A new campaign called #NorthantsTogether has been launched to help share local information and advice about COVID-19.

Across the county a wide range of public services, voluntary groups and individuals are working together to help the country deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

From healthcare organisations and adult social services organising the mass evacuation of patients out of hospital beds to free up capacity for COVID 19 patients, to food banks getting essential provisions to the vulnerable and parents home-schooling their children, there have been dozens of new activities set up to get through the crisis.

Now the Northamptonshire Strategic Co-ordinating Group has set up a social media hashtag #NorthantsTogether so people can get crucial information as as well as keep up to date with what is happening across Northamptonshire.

Chief executive of NHS Northamptonshire Clinical Commission Groups Toby Sanders said: “The #NorthantsTogether campaign is a great way to share the incredible work going on across Northamptonshire. People have really stepped up and pulled together to help our communities during this enormously challenging time.

“There are so many organisations and individuals doing their bit to help, which is fantastic. Through #NorthantsTogether we can share important local information and advice and help people find and access the range of support on offer.

“In addition, we want to use this campaign to show our appreciation of key workers, who are working so very hard to keep the system going. We also want to recognise and thank the people of Northamptonshire for the massive part they are playing in reducing the spread of coronavirus in the county. We are all in this together – #NorthantsTogether”.

Director of Public Health Northamptonshire Lucy Wightman said: “There is a significant amount of activity happening within the county and I’m pleased that people will be able to keep up to date with the latest local advice and support through the #NorthantsTogether hashtag, particularly during this period of social distancing.

“The social distancing measures in place to delay the spread of the virus are vitally important. They remain the best way to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

“I want to thank the people of Northamptonshire for their support with this.

“We really need our communities to continue to fully follow the Government’s social distancing and social isolation advice. It will make a huge difference in reducing the number of cases in the county and in reducing the number of deaths.

“Unfortunately we don’t know how long these measures will need to be in place but I anticipate it will be some time yet before they can be relaxed. I urge the public to continue to do their bit and adhere to the advice and guidance they’ve been given and stay at home as much as possible.”

Leader of Northamptonshire County Council Cllr Matthew Golby said: “We are very pleased to be part of the #NorthantsTogether campaign. It is a great way to co-ordinate information and help the people in our towns and villages identify and learn about what’s available to support them, and to keep up to date with changes in services under one hashtag.

“The campaign is also an ideal way to share the amazing work of the hundreds of community groups and volunteers who are working with us to provide community resilience and make sure that care and support is in place for the isolated and vulnerable. We have lots of local heroes in Northamptonshire and #NorthantsTogether is a brilliant way to recognise and celebrate them.”

To date there have been 220 cases in the county, although the actual number is estimated to be much higher, and the latest information is that 20 people have died of the virus at the county’s two hospitals.