Lockdown No3: What you CAN do in Northamptonshire during the next six weeks

Essential shopping, DIY, take kids to the park and get your dog washed are among exemptions to 'Stay at Home' order

By Kevin Nicholls
Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 10:53 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 10:56 am
There are some things you can still do during lockdown
There are some things you can still do during lockdown

Boris Johnson announced a third coronavirus lockdown last night, telling the country to stay at home until at least mid-February.

The rules will be enforceable by law with police able to issue £200 fines for those flouting them.

But there are exceptions to the rules allowing people to go out for 'essential' reasons or exercise once a day.

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Park playgrounds will still be open during the lockdown

Among them are trips to the shops to buy food or collect necessary supplies, attend medical appointments or get a coronavirus test.

You can also meet people as part of your support or childcare bubble.

Adults living alone can still form support bubbles with another household and those with children under 14 can form a childcare bubble to allow so one other household can help with informal childcare.

Divorced or separated parents can continue to share the care of their children.

Northamptonshire's recycling centres can stay open during the lockdown

Here are other things you CAN do during lockdown, according to the Government's list.

■ Go shopping for essentials. Supermarkets, pharmacies and off-licences are all open. Market stalls selling essential retail may also stay open.

■ Do a bit of DIY. garden centres, building merchants and suppliers of building products are open.

■ Take the kids to the park — outdoor playgrounds are among the places where you are allowed to exercise outdoors once a day, but this should be within your local area and on your own or with one person from another household.

■ Go to work but ONLY if you are a key worker — including medical workers, supermarket staff, construction workers and transport staff — or are unable to do your job from home.

■ Get a takeaway before 11pm — but no alcohol.

■ Visit a loved one in a care home but no hugs — you must stay behind screens or windows or in visiting pods.

■ Go to church — places of worship are open but you must not mix with people outside your household or support bubble.

■ Do something good — voluntary work or for charitable services.

■ Take your toddler to a nursery or childminder.

■ Move house or arrange a viewing — but people outside your household should not help you move. Estate agents are permitted to work and property viewings can still take place.

■ Get your shoes fixed — businesses providing repair services may also stay open, where they primarily offer repair services.

■ Get your car fixed or washed — self-service petrol stations and car washes, vehicle repair and MOT services, bicycle shops can remain open.

■ Book a taxi — taxi and vehicle hire businesses will continue.

■ Go to the tip — the majority of public services will continue including job centres, courts and probation services, register offices, waste or recycling centres.

■ Get a loan — banks, building societies, post offices, short-term loan providers and money transfer businesses are operating.

■ Do your washing — launderettes and dry cleaners are still open.

■ Get your house cleaned — cleaners can still work and enter people's houses to work.

■ Wash your dog — groomers can continue to be used for animal welfare rather than aesthetic purposes. Vets and animal welfare services are also still open.

■ Go to the loo — public toilets and motorway service areas are open.