LIVE: Coronavirus press conference as cases more than double in Northants

Covid cases have more than doubled in the county

Friday, 9th October 2020, 3:01 pm
Updated Friday, 9th October 2020, 3:02 pm
Lucy Wightman, director of public health in Northamptonshire

Join us for live coverage of today's coronavirus press conference at 3pm.

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LIVE: Coronavirus press conference as cases in Northants more than double

Last updated: Friday, 09 October, 2020, 15:42

  • Press conference is due to start at 3pm 
  • Northamptonshire’s positive Covid-19 cases have more than doubled since last week
  • 417 people tested positive between September 28 to October 4, compared to 148 the week before
  • This increase is not down to data recording delays from PHE

Press conference about to begin

Today’s press conference it about to begin. The county’s director of public health, Lucy Wightman, will be updating us on the latest on the Covid-19 situation

Cases more than double across the county

Lucy Wightman, director of public health, opens the meeting. She said: "Sadly, it’s not as pretty a picture as it was last week.

“There is a significant level of community transmission.”

She said this is a significant concern across the county.

People should follow the guidance

Lucy Wightman is telling Northants residents to ‘Act Now’.

Residents should follow the rule of six and the director of public health said: “People should consider if meeting with five other people is sensible”.

She also reminds people of the importance of wearing a mask covering both the nose and mouth

417 new cases in the last week

There have been 417 cases in the last week, between September 28 and October 4.

That is as significant spike and cases have more than doubled.

Lucy Wightman said they are assured the spike has been caused by real cases, and not the data uploading issues reported by PHE.

Cases are up in every borough in the county

Cases have increased in every borough in the county over the last week and Lucy Wightman says it is not a trajectory residents want to be on

Areas of Kettering and Corby see highest increases

Wards in Kettering and Corby have seen some of the highest increases in new cases across the county.

Kingswood in Corby, Brambleside in Kettering and Desborough make up the top three worst wards. 

There were 27 new cases in Kingswood in the last 28 days and 24 each in Brambleside and Desborough 

There are 21 current active outbreaks

Data shows there are 21 current outbreaks of coronavirus across Northamptonshire.

Kettering currently has five outbreaks, Corby and Wellingborough have four each and East Northants has one.

People self-isolating with symptoms should isolate in a room

Director of public health Lucy Wightman says people need to self-isolate in a room and stay away from their household members to try and break the transmission of the virus 

Cllr Ian Morris says it feels like we are approaching a tipping point but there is still time to stop it

I implore people to recognise the severity of the rise in cases over the last week

Lucy Wightman
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