DJ Jo Whiley's sister says 'huge thank you' to those who helped her after fighting Covid in Northampton hospital

"We’re now dealing with worrying diabetes and high blood pressure issues and my parents are exhausted beyond belief," the radio star tweeted

By Megan Hillery
Tuesday, 23rd February 2021, 5:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd February 2021, 5:42 pm

Radio star, Jo Whiley, has thanked NHS staff and well-wishers on behalf of her sister, Frances, who was 'very poorly in a Northampton hospital' last week after contracting coronavirus.

The BBC Radio 2 DJ, who lives in Northamptonshire, shared the update on her sister this afternoon on an emotional Twitter thread that said: "First of all, Frances would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has helped her, especially the amazing doctors and nurses of the NHS, and her many MANY well-wishers.

"It’s hard to believe we’ve gone from discussing palliative care on Friday night to sitting on her favorite bench drinking cups of tea. It doesn’t end here though. Any LD carer will know have someone with demanding needs relying on you to keep them alive 24/7."

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BBC 2 Radio DJ Jo Whiley (right) with her sister Frances (left).

Jo, alongside the tweets, attached a heartwarming video of Frances sitting on her 'favourite bench' and giving the thumbs up as she says, "Thank you everybody!" People behind the camera then join her in applauding those who helped her.

Jo added: "Covid has brought with it further complications. We’re now dealing with worrying diabetes and high blood pressure issues and my parents are exhausted beyond belief. It’s so hard observing from behind a visor and mask, helpless doesn’t cover it.

"I hope the vaccine is reaching more and more of those with Learning Disabilities. Not everyone has been as lucky as us. So many have died or are suffering from long Covid because they were simply not protected. We need to show them that they are not forgotten and we care."

The DJ did not host her drive-time show last Thursday after admitting that she felt very 'scared' over her sister's illness. She then tweeted a desperate appeal out to the public on Friday asking if anyone in the learning disabilities community or Covid doctors knew how to get oxygen into Frances.

The tweet said: "We cannot sedate her enough to get nasal cannula/cpap mask on her and I can’t believe she’s the only learning disabled person to not tolerate masks. Or maybe she is??"

This prompted over 120 responses from her concerned followers.

She later tweeted: "Hard to express the depth of my gratitude to the people who are working SO hard to save my sister’s life. Thanks to all of you who’ve listened & advised, shared your stories & yr support. Feels like the calm before the storm tonight but we’re not giving up yet."

Jo, dropped off a care package for her sister at the hospital where she was fighting Covid two days ago before revealing today that she has since been discharged.

Jo and Frences grew up first in Northampton and then in Great Brington where their father was an electrician and their mother ran the local post office.

Frances, 53, suffers from the rare genetic condition Cri du Chat that results in delayed development.

Yet the radio presenter, 55, previously revealed she had been offered a coronavirus jab before her sister who lives in a Northamptonshire care home. Jo described it as "mind boggling" and added she would give up her own jab 'in a heartbeat' and give it to those in a similar situation to her sister.