Barton Seagrave pub confirms two coronavirus cases but rejects 'disappointing rumours'

Two members of staff from The Stirrup Cup are currently isolating

By Phoebe Radford
Thursday, 27th August 2020, 4:28 pm
Two staff at The Stirrup Cup have tested positive for Covid-19
Two staff at The Stirrup Cup have tested positive for Covid-19

The joint owner of a Barton Seagrave pub has confirmed two members of staff have tested positive for coronavirus but has denied other "disappointing rumours" circulating in the community.

Chris Herring, joint owner of The Stirrup Cup in Woodland Avenue, said: "We have two members of staff that tested positive."

He said The Stirrup Cup has 20 staff the two who have tested positive for Covid-19 last week are currently isolating.

Mr Herring said: "Everybody else was tested and came back negative."

He added that it is not known where the two individuals picked up coronavirus, but says it could have been anywhere.

The two positive cases come after what Mr Herring described as weeks of rumours. He said: "We have heard stories that we have been fined thousands of pounds.

"Someone rang saying we have 40 cases, close the pub down - she wouldn't give her name.

"The two cases came long, long after the first rumours."

Mr Herring said after so much speculation, he felt it needed to be addressed and posted a statement on Facebook.

In the statement, The Stirrup Cup said: "To allay any fears and in the light of disappointing rumours and idle gossip we would like to reassure customers.

"The pub has not been fined for anything nor has a fine ever been mentioned.

"The social distancing and seating plan throughout the pub was approved by the council's EHO (Environmental Health Officer) before reopening eight weeks ago and hasn't changed.

"The test and trace procedure is approved by Kettering Borough Council EHO and Public Health England."

Speaking to the Northants Telegraph, Mr Herring said The Stirrup Cup was the first pub visited by the council's EHO before pubs could re-open.

He said: "We had everything approved in terms of social distancing.

"We've had calls from the council and the police to say 'we have heard you are not doing test and trace' when we are."

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police confirmed it has received a number of reports relating to The Stirrup Cup and these had been passed on to the local council, who deal with licensed premises.

Kettering Council has been approached for comment.

In a statement on Facebook, The Stirrup Cup described the measures it is taking and said: "We encourage all customers to act responsibly, use the numerous hand sanitizers throughout the pub, wash their hands regularly and observe social distancing at all times.

"A full Covid-19 deep clean, with approved certification, is available to us and used as and when required

"Any concerns or enquiries should be directed to the pub."

Mr Herring echoed his statement and urged those with any concerns to contact The Stirrup Cup. He said: "When all is said and done, we are living in strange times so you have got to take precautions and we have done all of that.

"If anyone wants any more information, they should call the pub."

The Stirrup Cup's website with contact information is available here.