Wellingborough entrepreneur moves online

A Wellingborough businesswoman with a team of 500 people is now setting up online.

Louise Carter
Louise Carter

Eight years ago, Louise Carter was looking for a more exciting and ambitious role, as well as looking after her two children.

Today, those children are teenagers and she is a successful entrepreneur, with her next mission being to conquer the online world and inspire others to do so.

Louise was working as a courier after settling her children into school, but one day decided she wanted a change, and from her own home started her Avon business.

She said: “I wanted my own business and working as an Avon Representative seemed the perfect solution.

“In my first week, I made £90 commission, became a team leader and built the business rapidly. I’d finally found a job I loved!”

Louise now has a team of more than 500 and since establishing her success in the world of business is now setting up online following the launch of Avon’s new online platform My Avon Store.

Earlier this month Avon set out to inspire 50,000 new digital entrepreneurs and Louise was quick to get involved.

She said: “My team and I are keen to conquer online now.

“Avon have just launched an online platform and I now have my very own online store which I can share on social media, and can deliver products free of charge.

“My Avon Store gives me the ability to quite literally work from anywhere, whether it’s on my phone at the school gates or at home from my laptop.”

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