Corby's biggest employer sets up on-site 40-minute Covid testing centre

RS Components is now offering twice-weekly testing for all on-site employees

Friday, 5th March 2021, 12:29 pm
Staff are able to get lateral flow tests twice weekly. Image: RS Components.
Staff are able to get lateral flow tests twice weekly. Image: RS Components.

RS Components has set up a rapid Covid-19 lateral flow testing centre at its Birchington Road distribution centre.

Lateral flow tests are used to deliver results in those who may not be displaying any symptoms and, although they are not as reliable as PCR tests, they do provide a safety net to catch some of those who may be asymptomatic.

Tests are offered for free to employees who are currently eligible to work onsite in Corby This includes distribution centre and agency workers, RS Local and calibration employees, office-based personnel who have permission to work onsite, contractors and implant team staff.

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Sue Coenen, Vice President of Supply Chain for Northern Europe said: “While infection rates are high and the coronavirus vaccine is being rolled out across many of our markets across the globe, the more we get tested, the quicker we can stop the spread and get back to the lives we love.”

“Ensuring the health and safety of our people has always been our primary focus since the start of the COVID pandemic and throughout the past year we have all ensured we follow the appropriate guidelines and measures. Our Distribution Centres are critical to our organisation’s supply chain and by setting up this lateral flow test centre, we have further prioritised the wellbeing of our people.

"We’re very grateful for the support we’ve received from County Council Public Health Departments at Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. From the time we received permission to set up our own onsite test centres it took just three weeks to build, train, and recruit volunteers from within the business to run our centres, ready for to start testing,” she said.

"The tests are not mandatory but the business is encouraging eligible colleagues to get tested twice a week. From the time colleagues enter the test centre, carry out their self-administered test and receive a text message on their mobile phone sharing their results, takes 40 minutes.

"Since the testing centres launched in mid-Feb the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They are set up incredibly well and very efficiently operated. The entire process is smooth, seamless and a very welcome addition to the business in these difficult times."