Can you help loyal Wellingborough worker 'face of Boots' Jane find her new job?

Jane has been working in retail since she left college

By Alison Bagley
Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 6:04 pm

A Wellingborough woman made redundant from her beloved retail job, along with several of her colleagues is on the lookout for another post.

Jane Holloway, 41, had worked at Boots on the tills and in other roles for nearly 19 years and had only had ten days off sick in that time - a job she dreamt of after a work experience stint.

With the effect of Covid and the retail sector in flux, many people will go through the trials of redundancy, but when the person who has lost their job lives with Down's Syndrome job hunting can be that much harder.

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Jane Holloway in her Boots uniform

Working in a customer-facing role, Jane had become a well-known character behind the counters in the town centre shop, so much so she was recognised abroad by customers on their travels.

Older sister Alison Cook is hoping that Jane's devotion to duty and love of working with the public will make her the ideal candidate for another role in retail in the town.

Alison said: "She's looking for a job in Wellingborough doing day shifts because she relies on buses to get to work.

"She would like to work on the tills because that's what she likes, but she can work on the shop floor.

"She's a dedicated worker and her job is more than just a job - it's a significant part of her life.

"When the Government extended furlough to cover people with Down's Syndrome she went to the doctor to get a letter to say that she wanted to go to work.

"She has no underlying health problems. She likes working."

Jane, who lives with her parents Ron and Wendy, attended Tresham College before working in a supermarket in Raunds, but a chance encounter with the supervisor who had guided her during her work experience led to her clinching her Boots role.

Alison, a partner in Evans and Cook solicitors, said: "Jane was brought up in the same way as me.

"Eastfield School and Tresham were always so supportive.

"In 1979, when she was born, people with Down's Syndrome were not thought to be able to read or write or hold down a job. Jane achieved and I'm immensely proud of her.

"She got a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, a Baden-Powell Guide Award and she was a volunteer with the Rainbows. She's got a great CV."

Her family took to social media to highlight Jane's plight with Alison's step-daughter Lis putting out an appeal on behalf of her aunt to find her a job to suit her retail skill set.

Lis Croxten wrote: "Well yesterday was the end of an era, Jane's last day at Boots after nearly 19 happy years.

"Sadly, Jane and several colleagues have been made redundant.

"Jane has arguably been the face of Boots in Wellingborough and it is a standing family joke that wherever we travel people recognise her.

"She is devastated but determined not to be defeated. Jane wants to continue working, doing what she loves which is serving customers.

"So if anyone knows of any retail jobs in Wellingborough please message me."

Alison added: "She's devastated that she lost her job but the comments left on social media have buoyed her up. She's a cheerful, positive and happy person - very cheerful."

Anyone who can offer Jane a job can email [email protected]