Torchwood actor Kai Own ready for Northampton visit

As soon as an actor takes a part which involves nudity, its normally starts with tonnes of cardio and a personal trainer.

Kai Owen who plays Dave in The Full Monty
Kai Owen who plays Dave in The Full Monty

But for Torchwood actor Kai Owen, appearing in The Full Monty coming to Norrthampton next week it meant the exact opposite.

Kai said: “I am playing Dave, the part played so memorably by Mark Addy in the film, and he’s a likeable guy but has his own issues.

“Although I had just finished running the London Marathon so was in the best possible shape. It meant I could eat what I wanted and it wouldn’t worry too much for the role.”

The cast of The Full Monty

It is based on the 1997 British film about six out-of- work Sheffield steelworkers with nothing to lose, took the world by storm becoming one of the most successful British films ever made. The story still resonates today, probably more so now than ever. Kai added: “The issues that these guys face but it is a really enjoyable evening at the theatre and the audience gets going. It is a lot of fun to perform.” He will forever be associated in cult circles with the part of Rhys in the sci-fi drama series Torchwood, a part which he really enjoyed.

Kai said: “We knew it was going to be the spin off of Doctor Who but we had no idea that it was going to be the success that it was.

“I think the first series was very different and the second series, we really started to hit our stride.

“By the time we got to the third series, everything was going really well. It was a wonderful show.”

The cast of The Full Monty

But would Kai return to the role.

“Without a doubt,” Kai says without hesitating. “And I know that both John and Eve would also return but it is a case of whether a return happens. I know there is an appetite for it as I always get people on the stage door wanting to talk to me about Torchwood. It’s a great feeling to be part of a show which is well loved.”

He also rtook a memorable role in the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks.

“Playing Pete was a wonderful job and we worked a lot with the NSPCC for the story line which was quite harrowing.

“But the key for me was that I normally play nice guys, I had to play it as a nice guy with this hidden secret.”

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