Review - Whittlebury Hall

If you are looking for something to smooth away the aches and pains then the new look day spa package at Whittlebury Hall will be right up your street.

By Steve Mills
Thursday, 10th September 2015, 10:00 am
A massage is one of the treatments offered at Whittlebury Hall
A massage is one of the treatments offered at Whittlebury Hall

I arrived at 9am for the spa package and was able to enjoy the heat and ice experiences. After going last time and doing everything in a random order, we followed our welcoming pack’s guidelines and gradually increasing the body temperature. I did feel better for doing things in a little more structured way rather than just jumping straight in the jacuzzi pool. As tempting it is.

There are two spa treatments available and you had the choice between a massage, a facial for men or women and a nectarine burst and sweet honey glaze treatment.

I chose the massage for my first treatment which was perfect. I had been suffering a bad back all week and felt a million times better after the treatment while my partner went for the facial and came out beaming at the quality of the treatment.

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Chocolate afternoon tea

We were then given a two course lunch with a wide range of tasty options.

The second treatment and we both went for the nectarine burst and sweet honey glaze treatment. There was a part where one half of my body had been done, and the other half was still to be done. I could feel the difference in myself. I came away from the treatment and couldn’t stop smelling myself, it was lovely.

After a quick nap in the water beds (a very easy place to start snoring if you’re not careful), we then settled down to the luxurious chocolate afternoon tea.

There was a delightful selections of cucumber, ham and smoked salmon sandwiches. But the main event is the chocolate parts. Warm scones with melting chocolate chips, topped with oodles of clotted cream and raspberry preserve is so wickedly indulgent.

Then there was some small patisserie items, a beautifully soft chocolate and orange madeleine, a white chocolate and pistachio cone, a milk chocolate and raspberry tart and a gooey salted caramel chocolate brownie.

You can probably tell I enjoyed it, but as much as a chocoholic as I am, I had to take some home with me.

All in all, we both had a lovely day at Whittlebury Hall and one I can thoroughly recommend.

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