Underworld: Awakening

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Humans wage war on the immortals in Underworld: Awakening.

Prior to starring alongside Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel in the big-budget remake of Total Recall, Kate Beckinsale squeezes back into her skin-tight leathers as an avenging vampire in the fourth chapter in the franchise, which began in 2003.

The film is set more than a decade after the events of the third film Underworld: Evolution.

Governments around the world and the public learn of the existence of vampires and lycans, and the bitter war that has raged unseen for centuries between the two immortal clans.

Determined to eradicate this grave threat to mankind’s survival, the humans wage all-out war against the bloodsuckers and the werewolves.

Vampire warrioress Selene (Beckinsale), who has been in cryogenic suspension for 12 years, wakes from her slumber and escapes imprisonment to lead the fanged forces against the humans, who are no longer simply food but fearsome and heavily armed adversaries.

Underworld: Awakening takes this epic battle to another dimension in 3D.

It is showing at the Odeon Kettering today at midday, 2.30pm, 4.45pm, 7pm and 9.15pm.