Sophie is still looking for love

Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams
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Today is Valentine’s Day, but a girl who has gone on prime time television in a bid to get a date is still looking for love.

Sophie Williams, 20, of Oundle, is yet to get a date after six weeks on Saturday night ITV dating show Take Me Out.

The University of Hull business student, who was turned down at the last minute by a farmer from Devon on Saturday, said: “I have plans, but it’s with female house mates and uni friends.

“I’m quite good at cooking so I’m going to cook a three-course meal. But there are no men involved.”

It looked like Sophie, who lives with her mum and sister when at home, was on course for a date with architecture student Omar, telling him: “I like that you’re good with your hands and the model things. And you’re really close to your family and I’m close to mine so I feel we would have a lot in common.”

But as soon as he said he wakes his mum up after a night out she turned her light off, following host Paddy McGuinness’ instruction: ‘no likey, no lighty’.

She also kept her light on for Mancunian ancient history student Will – until he started singing German opera.

But it was farmer Ollie who switched her light off.

Miss Williams said: “I’m not going to lie, when someone turns your light off you feel deflated.

“But then you pick yourself up, another man comes down and there’s another chance.”

Although she is yet to meet Mr Right, Miss Williams has made a new set of female friends in the other contestants.

They all visited Chloe in Newcastle at the weekend and watched Saturday’s show together in a hotel before a night on the town complete with VIP treatment.

Miss Williams said: “I live and breathe the girls. The excitement ripples throughout the day.

“It’s a girl’s dream. It’s like a girlie sleep-over.”