Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows

TIM Burton and Johnny Depp team up for Dark Shadows, a comedy based on a cult TV series awash with vampires, ghosts and witches.

In the mid-18th century, Barnabas Collins (Depp) spurns the advances of servant Angelique, who is a witch, and falls in love with Josette DuPres.

In revenge, Angelique kills Josette then transforms the object of her dangerous obsession into a hideous vampire and buries him alive.

Almost 200 years later, construction workers unearth Barnabas’s cast-iron coffin and the fanged fiend is unleashed in swinging 1972 Maine.

While Barnabas acclimatises to the groovy customs of the era, he seeks sanctuary at his ancestral home, Collinwood Manor, with the latest branch of the family tree headed by Elizabeth (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Other members of the kooky clan include Elizabeth’s sassy teenage daughter Carolyn, wastrel brother Roger and his 10-year-old son David.

To restore the family’s fortunes, Barnabas risks the wrath of Angelique once again.

Dark Shadows is showing at the Odeon Kettering today at 12.45pm, 3.30pm, 6.15pm and 9pm.