Thomas Traux plays NN

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Inventor, animator and London-based troubadour Thomas Traux headlines the NN Café in Northampton on Saturday.

Traux’s origins lie in New York anti-folk scene and his gigs are legendary for the eccentricities of his bandmates with home-made, noise-making machines.

The most famous, the Hornicator, is a junk-shop gramophone horn, fitted with microphones, springs, guitar strings and kazoos, that act both as a deep, reverby microphone and a sort of surreal, absurdist harp.

Mother Superior, Sister Spinster and the Cadillac Beatspinner are the drummers, made out of hub caps and motors with various mallets hitting drum skins.

NN Café is in Guildhall Road. Doors open at 8pm, tickets cost £5.