See supercars in action at family-friendly, petrol-head's paradise returning to Northamptonshire

Supercar Fest is an affordable event with beautiful cars but no snobbery, according to organiser from Northampton

Most ideas have a 'lightbulb moment' and Mark Webb, the founder of a festival of supercars, which returns to Northamptonshire this year, can remember his.

"I've got a friend with an old Ferrari and we used to go to meets in it together," recalled the event organiser who grew up in Northampton.

"One day we went to this meeting with other classic car owners and what I found was, when we left, there were more people waiting for the cars to leave than there were when we got there.

Supercar Fest organisers, and father and son, Mark and Robin Webb. Photo: Supercar Fest

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    "All because they wanted to see the cars moving rather than static."

    That led to a team-up with his father, Robin Webb, whose career in motorsport combined with Mark's events background produced Supercar Fest.

    Mark said: "I wanted to create an event which involved supercars where we can watch them in action but with none of the snobbery associated with some of these sorts of events.

    "I wanted to have an affordable supercar event for families to turn up which doesn't cost them a fortune."

    Cars will compete in drag race-style events so the crowds can see them at full speed. Photo: Supercar Fest

    On May 24, Sywell Aerodrome will be a hive of some of the fastest and prettiest cars on the planet revving their engines and burning rubber.

    Bugattis, Ferraris and more hypercars will be on display and raced around a horseshoe track to show off their speed and handling alongside classic rally cars and vintage motors.

    Visitors with their own sports cars can even display their prized possessions and people can ask for a ride in most of the cars with a small donation to charity.

    Porsche will be there as well as cars from nearby McLaren, Lambourghini and BMW dealerships - plus dozens of car clubs from across the country.

    A wide range of cars will be on show at Supercar Fest. Photo: Supercar Fest

    Mark said: "All in all we've got something for absolutely everybody and we like to think it's getting the kids off their video games and coming and looking at an amazing collection of supercars."

    But for the organiser, there is much more to Supercar Fest than just fast motors with live music through the day, lots of food and plenty of drinks on offer as well as camping.

    "It's kind of a festival where the cars are 60 per cent of it but you can come and not pay any attention to the cars and enjoy the music or have a beer with friends," he said.

    Tickets start from £20 for adults but children under 16 get in for free - while a family ticket of two adults and two kids is £30. For more information, visit

    A McLaren supercar got a big crowd at a previous Supercar Fest event. Photo: Supercar Fest