Theatre Review: The Hundred and One Dalmatians at Wellingborough’s Castle Theatre

Cruella De Vil, played by Sioned Jones
Cruella De Vil, played by Sioned Jones

There are at least 101 great reasons to go to see the Christmas show at The Castle theatre in Wellingborough.

Over recent years The Castle has rightly earned a reputation for staging quality Christmas shows that are a bit different from the traditional pantomime. By doing so, the theatre has carved an impressive niche for itself at this time of year.
Sure, there are the “behind you” gags, the booing of the villains, audience participation, a communal song or two, the odd double entrendre (unless that’s just my imagination) and much more besides.

But what you get at The Castle is ensemble casts providing a new take on a traditional story.

Which brings us to the meat of the review and the show – is it any good?

Well, yes it is.

The entire cast, most of which play multiple roles, and multiple musical instruments, is excellent.

But there are always stand out performances and any review that fails to mention Sioned Jones is doing her portrayal of villain Cruella De Vil would be doing her a disservice. Suitably hated by the youngsters, she provided a powerful performance and is central to the show’s success.

The other stand out performance, for me, was John Addison as Pongo. He gave the dad Dalmatian a wonderful personality.

Which brings me on to how you portray a story predominanatly involving cats and dogs with humans. The solution is ingenious and the affectations of the cast as dogs and cats are superb. The attention to detail in such traits provides some wonderful moments.

This is yet another classy and thoroughly enjoyable show at The Castle, and I recommend you get your tickets soon.

To find out more, visit or call the box office 01933 270007.