The Hypochondriac to be performed at The Masque Theatre

The Hypochondriac
The Hypochondriac

Audiences will find that laughter is the best medicine when The Hypochondriac is performed by The Masque Theatre next week.

The company will stage the play, by playwright Roger McGough (based on the original by Moliere), at The Playhouse Theatre in Clare Street, Northampton, from Tuesday, October 15 until Saturday, October 19, at 7.30pm.

The Hypochondriac is a comedy based on both the condition of hypochondria and the ‘quack’ medical profession.

The story follows Argan, a healthy, wealthy gentleman who is convinced he is seriously ill.

He is so obsessed with medical tinkerings and tonics that he is blind to the goings-on in his own household. Not only is his second wife, Beline, scheming behind his back, but there is also a flowering love affair between his daughter, Angelique, and her suitor, Cleante. His cure does not appear in a bottle or a bedpan but in his sharp-tongued servant, Toinette, who has a cunning plan to reveal the truth and open her master’s eyes.

The play was first produced in 1673 and was to be Moliere’s final play. It was adapted in 2009.

Tickets cost £8 or £7. To book, visit or call 07586 288793. Tickets also available at A Most Marvellous Place To Shop in Abington Square, Northampton.