The Diaries of Adam & Eve comes to The Castle

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A witty adaption of Mark Twain’s affectionate satire about the world’s first couple comes to The Castle in Wellingborough.

The Diaries of Adam & Eve visits the theatre on Wednesday at 7.45pm.

Even Adam & Eve had to confront their many differences to find successful ways of living and loving together.

Relationships: whose idea was that? One of you wants to get things done, the other wants to chill out in the garden. One of you wants a minute’s peace, the other wants to talk (and talk and talk).

One of you likes things the way they are, the other wants a project. One of you knows that eating that apple is wrong; the other is going to eat it, come what may...

Whether they’re creating language, inventing fire, taming nature, or discovering love and death, what Adam & Eve learn about each other on the way will be familiar and funny to anyone who has ever experienced a close relationship. This new adaptation by Elton Townend Jones and directed by Guy Masterson is a light-hearted and familiar look into our relationships.

Tickets are priced £12.50 (£10.50) and can be purchased by calling the Box Office on 01933 270 007 or online at