Superstitions the focus of performances by youth arts groups

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Superstitions will be the focus of a string of performances by The Castle Youth Arts Groups, due to take place in Wellingborough next week.

The groups will present a series of plays, inspired by signs of good and bad luck, from Monday until Wednesday, at The Castle theatre.

A spokesman said: “We all believe in signs of good and bad fortune, so much so that we constantly interpret the most commonplace things; a broken mirror, walking under a ladder, finding a four-leafed clover or ourselves in the path of a black cat. Is it really a sign or do we create our own luck?”

Tickets for (Un)lucky For Some cost £5 and can be bought by calling the box office on 01933 270007 or visiting

Performance times will be 6.15pm, 7.15pm and 8.15pm.