STAR INTERVIEW: Top stand-up comedian performs in Northampton before featuring the area in new TV series

Ross Noble
Ross Noble

Surreal stand-up comedian Ross Noble will be getting up close and personal with audience members in Northampton when he takes his latest tour, Tangentleman, to the Royal & Derngate next week.

The Newcastle-born comic, who has been on the stage since he was 15, has already been splitting spectators’ sides all over the country with his show, which sees him chatting to audience members and exploring the local area to come up with on-the-spot material.

“It’s just me doing what I always do,” he said, “just playing around and talking nonsense.

“The best bit is getting to talk to different people and involving them in the show. I don’t pick on them.”

Now living in Kent, the father-of-two said: “The great thing about having children is that it gives me an excuse to be childish myself, and talk to them in a way that normal adults usually disapprove of.

“After this UK tour I will be touring in Australia before coming back and starting on The Producers, so it’s hard having to spend time away from the family.

“But between tours I am with them all the time , probably a lot more than most working dads.

“Besides, there is only a finite time anyone can be around me. At six and two years old, I think my own children wish I would just let them have some quiet time every now and again.”

This will not be the first time that Ross has visited Northampton. In March, his second TV series of Freewheeling will air on Dave, including an episode filmed in the town. The show sees him visit different parts of the UK and exploring the area following Twitter recommendations from viewers.

He said: “When we arrive in a certain place we never film more than about 15 minutes before moving to the next place. But we were in Northampton all day and it’s the only town that has a whole episode to itself ... that’s an entire hour of Northampton-based comedy.

“It started when someone tweeted me to tell me not to come because they said “it’s s***”. So I did.

“We tracked down the homes of the local celebrities to put plaques on them, threw a DVD of Love Actually down the lift tower and I left my own shoes in the shoe museum.

“Maybe during the show I should take the whole audience over to see if they are still there and didn’t just get chucked in the bin.

“I’m really looking forward to performing in Northampton as a few people who helped with the TV programme said they will be there, so I know there will be a few characters in the audience.

Ross Noble brings Tangentleman to the stage at the Royal & Derngate on Wednesday, February 11 and Thursday, February 12. Contact the box office on Northampton 624811 for full ticket details.