Sitcom star Lesley Joseph brings Hot Flush to venues

Lesley Joseph stars in Hot Flush!
Lesley Joseph stars in Hot Flush!

The ups and downs of the lives of four middle-aged women and the men who aggravate them comes to the stage this spring, starring Birds of a Feather star Lesley Joseph.

Hot Flush also stars Lori Haley Fox, Anne Smith and Ruth Keeling with Matt Slack playing 15 parts as all of the men in their lives. The humorous show delves into the secrets, the friendships, the laughter and tears experienced by the women.

The story takes place as the friends, known as The Hot Flush Club, get together for their regular Tuesday night out at a local bar.

Hot Flush is on at Milton Keynes Theatre on Sunday, May 4, and at The Castle theatre in Wellingborough on May 15. For Milton Keynes tickets call 0844 871 7652 or visit For Wellingborough tickets call 01933 270 007 or visit