Robin joins merry men at Castle Theatre

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A festive spin has been given to a classic English folk tale about that all-time hero who robbed the rich to give to the poor.

The play, Adventures of Robin Hood, is currently touring the country in a new production by the theatre company, Oddsocks.

The show, which will arrive at The Castle theatre in Wellingborough on Wednesday, January 9, is set in the cold, dark winter woods of northern England, where a story full of adventure unfolds.

This age-old story about a virtuous thief, who takes on the local Sheriff and falls in love with Maid Marion in the process, is said to have been given a “shake-up” in this new version.

According to the Oddsocks website: “The heart-warming legend has everything you need for a great adventure, with daring deeds, an evil villain who needs teaching a lesson, and of course a love story to set the pulse racing. All the well-known characters will be there including Robin and Marion, Little John, Friar Tuck and the dastardly, devious Sheriff of Nottingham, a baddy who is not averse to squeezing the last ounce of tax out of his honest peasant folk.

“Will Robin and his merry band save the people from the evil Sheriff’s taxes? Will Robin marry Marion or is Marion not the marrying kind? Will Little John get any bigger? Will Friar Tuck open a chip shop?”

This version of the Robin Hood story is said to be an energetic night out, including live music by Lucy Ward as well as plenty of slapstick action and opportunities for audience participation.

The play will begin at 7.30pm. Tickets cost between £13 and £15. For more information log on to