REVIEW: The Wind in the Willows at the Core, Corby

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You probably already know the Wind in the Willows story – but you won’t have seen a version like this!

The charmingly engaging new show at Corby’s Core theatre features all your favourite characters from the Kenneth Graham classic, but with a modern slant.

Actually, modern isn’t quite right – one of the many enjoyable aspects of the show is the distinctly 1980s musical vibe which the grown-ups in particular will enjoy.

That’s not to say there’s nothing for children though (the show is recommended for five-year-olds and over).

The story moves along at a good pace, preventing younger members of the audience from becoming bored, but not so fast that little ones will have trouble following the action.

And plenty of action there is.

The set-pieces are consistently inventive, from the exuberant Toad extolling the virtues of always wanting more to the pantomime villain weasels gloating over their takeover of Toad Hall, all superbly performed by the excellent cast.

The set design has a real open feel to it, immersing the audience in everything that’s going on – sometimes literally!

This is a captivating re-telling of a much-loved tale which will no doubt help to win over a whole new generation of fans, which sends the audience home with dreams of messing about on the river.

The Wind in the Willows is performed by the Bristol-based Wardrobe Ensemble at the Core, Corby, until December 30. Tickets on 01536 470470 or visit