Holocaust Memorial Day play highlights plight of Jewish children

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The courage of Jewish children during the Holocaust has inspired young people in Northamptonshire to present a play focused on their plight during the Second World War.

War Child has been produced by The Castle Youth Theatre in partnership with Wellingborough Council and Wellingborough Museum as part of events marking Holocaust Memorial Day.

The play is based on the real events which happened to a group of Jewish children.

During the war, Terezin in Prague was used as a site for a concentration camp. The majority of the Jews sent there were writers, artists and musicians and, within the camp, parks, concert venues and statues were built to hide the truth; that most of the inmates were not going to survive.

What did survive was a suitcase full of drawings and poems created by the children of Terezin. War Child is a play inspired by the poetry and literature written by children during the Holocaust.

The play will be performed at The Castle in Wellingborough tomorrow at 7.45pm. Tickets cost £5 with all profits donated to the Anne Frank Trust UK. Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office on 01933 270007 or logging on to www.thecastle.org.uk.