Gulliver’s Travels...revisited at the Cube

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A NEW version of Jonathan Swift’s classic novel Gulliver’s Travels comes to The Core at Corby Cube today.

The production, which is aimed at families and school children aged nine and upwards, tells the tale of Gulliver, who, upon setting sail for the south seas, gets blown off course and finds himself in a strange new world where he is a giant.

Making friends (and enemies) along the way, Gulliver’s adventures take him to many lands where he discovers a flying island, a land of giants and a place that is ruled by civilised horses.

But having been changed by these experiences, can Gulliver ever return to the world he left behind?

Gulliver’s Travels, by award-winning writer Peter Rumney, includes: storytelling, puppetry and drama.

The show, from Dragon Breath Theatre, is part of an education programme which focuses on ideas of transition and change, asking the question: what does it feel like to be a powerful giant one day and a tiny plaything the next?

The show starts at 6.30pm tonight. Tickets cost £10, with concessions at £8. School tickets for the show and workshop are £10 and can be booked by calling the Ticket Line on 01536 470 470 or online at