‘Greedy fairy-tale’ for grown-ups at The Castle

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A ‘greedy fairy-tale’ for grown-ups will be presented at The Castle in Wellingborough by the Maison Foo company next week.

Heralded as an “enchanting piece of visual theatre”, the play, Pendulums Bargain Emporium, will be performed in Wellingborough ahead of its run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival later this year.

Pendulums Bargain Emporium is set in a shop where happiness and success are just one simple transaction away.

The story focuses on the greedy wife of the shoemaker, who has built her empire out of his desperate and desolate last piece of leather. But in an empire full of objects that claim to bring happiness, can the wife ever truly be happy herself?

Inspired by The Elves and the Shoemaker, Maison Foo entice audiences to join them on a dark and shameless journey that treads that fine line between greed and necessity, raising the question ‘how far will we go to make ourselves happy?’

Maison Foo draws on influences including puppetry, clowning and physical theatre in its productions.

The play is suitable for ages 14 upwards. Tickets cost £12.50 or £10.50. Call 01933 270007 or visit www.thecastle.org.uk.