Free children's show in Northampton

Rehearsals of Princess Treble
Rehearsals of Princess Treble

This is a new show designed for the entire family scribed by Northampton based playwright Weekes Baptiste.

Princess Treble is being staged at the Bradlaugh Fields in Northampton on Saturday August 5. It tell the story of Edgar a butler and his side kick, Silly Billy, who are in search of their beloved Princes Treble.

In order to prevent her deadliest enemy, the evil queen Dragcat from stealing her weakening powers.

Helping them on their search, will be the children and the other characters they happen to meet on their way, such as Dotty Katie, Professor Hoarder and many more.

The adventure comes to the venue on Kettering Road, situated at the back of Morrisons.

There will be showings at 12pm 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

Weekes has told us that audience participation throughout the show is encouraged and entrance is free.