Find out about dinosaurs in Kettering

Ben Garrod
Ben Garrod

All the things you thought you knew about dinosaurs are probably wrong...

Instead of being green and scaly, they actually almost all had feathers and instead of making terrifying, ferocious roars, they sounded more like garden birds,

Ben Garrod is heading to the Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering on Thursday February 16 for a hands-on, fun-filled event for the whole family. The show is entitled so you think you know

about Dinosaurs?!

He will give children the chance to shout out what they already know and discover new strange Dino sights and sounds. From the longest to the smallest, the tallest to the shortest, creepiest to cutest, Ben will have heads spinning with weird and wonderful stats and facts.

Ben will be put to the test when he is quizzed by the younger generation of geniuses!

The show starts at 2pm.

To book tickets call the box office on 01536 414141 or visit