Comedy looks at the question of faith at Kettering Arts Centre

A new comedy by the co-writer of the BBC shows Miranda and Bluestone 42 will be brought to the Kettering Arts Centre tonight.

The God Particle, by James Cary, is about a quantum physicist and a vicar who join forces to solve a perplexing mystery and end up discovering the real meaning of faith, knowledge, love and the importance of keeping an open mind.

The God Particle is a 75-minute, one-act play featuring The Reverend Dr Gilbert Romans and Dr Bex Kenworthy. Their meeting produces a big bang chemical reaction of entirely the wrong kind, but strange goings-on in the village of Threepiggs force them to work together and find their common ground.

The play is said to explore the purpose of both religion and science and how they can come together. James Cary was inspired to write this after hearing someone describe faith as ‘irrational’. He wanted to explore if it was indeed so.

The Arts Centre is located at St Andrew’s Church on the corner of Rockingham Road in Kettering. Tickets cost £9 or £8 for concessions. Available from Waterstones and Tourist Information in Kettering or by logging on to