Bipolar highs and lows played out on Castle stage

The Castle Theatre.
The Castle Theatre.

The highs and lows of living with bipolar disorder will be played out in a new production coming to The Castle theatre in Wellingborough next week.

The company Theatre Temoin has brought the show, The Fantasist, to the stage, which is said to spin together puppetry, physical theatre and original music as it explores the murky depths of living with this mental condition.

In the mind of ‘the fantasist,’ the real and the fanciful become dangerously blurred. As Louise gazes into the night, her fancy takes form. Objects move, time changes and a seductive stranger opens up a world of exhilaration and magic.

The Fantasist was devised by an international team of physical theatre artists. Two members of the original cast had direct experience as carers of family members with bipolar illness, and further research and development was carried out through puppetry workshops with mental health service users in collaboration with the Northeast London Foundation Trust in early 2012.

The Fantasist will be performed on Wednesday at 7.45pm.

Tickets cost £10 and can be purchased by calling the box office on 01933 270007 or visiting