Ben Elton’s Gasping at The Picturedrome

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Tap the Table Theatre presents Ben Elton’s Gasping this Sunday at The Picturedrome in Northampton.

With a cast of graduates from The University of Northampton’s acting course, it tells the tale of Lockheart Industries who are searching for an innovative product to take the world by storm. An enthusiastic, young upstart has the ingenious idea of designer air Perrier for the lungs featuring the “Suck and Blow Machine” and sets about raking in the profits. Things begin well and sales exceed projections. However the oxygen industry becomes privatised and it turns into a case of ‘if you are unable to pay the price, you are unable to breathe’.

Directed by Nathan Wyer, the show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £8/£5 concessions, are available on the door.

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